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Community Choice Aggregation in Pittsford

For background information about implementing a Community Choice Aggregation program, visit the NYSERDA Community Choice Aggregation webpage.


No conforming bids received
Town Supervisor Bill Smith updated the Town Board on results of bidding for supplying electricity for the proposed CCA program. He noted that, per the direction of Pittsford, both Town and Village and the other two towns involved in the CCA bidding, Brighton and Irondequoit, specifications were established for a supply of electricity from 100% renewable sources, at a cost less than the average RG&E rate over the last 12 months, which is 3.9 cents per kilowatt hour. Two bids were offered, one at 4.4 cents per kilowatt hour and the other at 5.5 cents per kilowatt hour. Therefore no compliant bids were received. The Supervisor noted that the market price of electricity will change over time, making another attempt to obtain a compliant bid possible, perhaps in 12 months or even 6.

Supervisor Smith suggested that, with CCA on hold, the Town can proceed now with a Community Distributed Generation (CDG) program, also known as Community Solar. He recalled previous Board discussion about pursuing Community Solar once we have CCA in place; this merely inverts the order. Households and businesses that sign up for Community Solar get a guaranteed savings of 10% on both supply and delivery of electricity from the community solar source. Given the late hour, he suggested a further discussion of this option at a future meeting.


Supervisor Smith reported that Pittsford and Irondequoit have signed the Agreement with Joule Assets and Roctricity to serve as CCA Administrator. Town Attorney Koegel reported that he was notified today that Brighton has now also signed the agreement. Joule has sent the attorneys for all three towns a draft form of contract with an electricity supplier. This would be used as the contract with whatever electricity supplier is ultimately selected by competitive bid. Attorneys for the three towns will discuss it in an upcoming conference call. Councilmember Koshykar noted the need to have a way to hold the two public meetings on CCA required before the Towns can move forward. The Board discussed ways of holding online meetings for this purpose. Supervisor Smith indicated that we will consult with Roctricity to arrange the meetings. Councilmember Beckford asked how the Pittsford and Irondequoit agreements with Joule/Roctricity may differ from the version signed by Brighton. Attorney Koegel responded that Brighton did not include Roctricity as a party to its agreement. This, he continued, will not affect Pittsford’s agreement at all. Supervisor Smith noted that, with Pittsford’s agreement with Joule/Roctricity now in place, the description of the rights and duties of the parties to it are also in place. They can’t be changed by a contract entered into by another town.


Community Choice Aggregation is the program by which Pittsford, in partnership with Irondequoit and Brighton, seeks to bring our residents electricity from 100% renewable sources at a cost lower than you are paying now. On behalf of the Town of Pittsford I’ve now signed the contract with the CCA administrator, which the Town Board approved at its last meeting. You should be hearing more about this program in the weeks ahead. From our initial consideration of a CCA program early in 2017, to reaching out to the other towns, public meetings, interviewing potential CCA administrators and working out a contract with the selected administrator, Joule Assets, Pittsford is now ready to proceed. None of us can say how the Coronavirus emergency will affect the timing of this or anything else for that matter, but Pittsford is ready.


Roctricity, the administrator for Pittsford’s Community Choice Aggregation program, will hold two Town CCA public information meetings about Pittsford’s CCA program and will discuss additional options for participation in a Community Solar program. The meetings will be held Tuesday, December 10 at 6:00pm and Thursday, December 19 at 6:00pm; both meetings will be held in the Fisher Meeting Room of the Pittsford Community Library, 24 State Street. The meetings are open to all Pittsford Town and Village residents. Roctricity will also hold two Pittsford Village CCA public information meetings on Thursday, December 5 at 6:30pm and Wednesday, December 11 at 6:30pm; both will be held at Village Hall, 21 North Main Street. These meetings are also open to both Village and Town residents. For more information about the public information meetings, contact Roctricity, Pittsford’s CCA administrator, at (585) 244-0244 or


Pittsford, Brighton & Irondequoit Take Next Step to Procure Lower Cost Electricity to Residents from 100% Renewable Sources
In early 2017, when the Town started planning to qualify for State designation as a Clean Energy Community, the Town Administration, and Town Board at the time, first considered Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) as one of the steps to obtain Clean Energy Community designation. Recognizing the length of time a CCA program would take, and wanting to become eligible for grants the State offered to early adopters of the Clean Energy Community program, the Supervisor, and Board at the time, determined to pursue a CCA program after we had earned Clean Energy Community status. The State awarded us that status in October 2017.

Then it was on to CCA as a next step as planned, to obtain lower-cost electricity for Pittsford residents from renewable sources.

Town Supervisor Bill Smith conferred with neighboring municipal leaders who shared Pittsford’s interest in CCA. The group agreed to work together on a joint program. With a larger customer pool, economies of scale can deliver greater cost savings to our residents than going it alone.

Now, both the Town and Village of Pittsford, Brighton and Irondequoit have agreed on selection of an administrator for the CCA program. If the administrator obtains, as it promises, a bid for electricity at a lower cost than residents currently pay to RG&E, Pittsford will proceed with a CCA program – representing the next step in our Town’s long tradition of pursuing environmentally responsible policies that benefit our residents and save them money.

Read the full 8/29/19 joint news release here.


Supervisor Smith updated the Board on responses by potential CCA Administrators to follow-up questions submitted to both by Pittsford, Brighton and Irondequoit. He noted that the response from Joule Assets/Roctricity satisfactorily addressed concerns arising from the initial round of interviewing. He stated that this, together with other relevant factors, including but not limited to Joule/Roctricity’s commitment to obtain for Pittsford residents electricity from 100% renewable sources at a cost lower than the RG&E rate, and Joule’s focus and experience in negotiating electricity packages from renewable sources, weighed in favor of selecting Joule/Roctricity as CCA Administrator. Councilwoman Townsend concurred, noting that Joule’s partner Roctricity is local and is the only of the two applicants with experience administering a CCA program in New York State. Councilman Beckford indicated that he is excited with Joule’s positive responses. Deputy Supervisor Munzinger agreed that she, too, was pleased with Joule’s responses to the additional questions that followed the interviews. Councilman O’Connor noted that he was much more comfortable supporting Joule/Roctricity after reviewing their responses to the detailed supplemental questions and encouraged the Board to support this choice. The Supervisor noted that representatives of the four (4) municipalities will be meeting in the weeks ahead to discuss next steps.


The Town Board will have further discussion about selection of an administrator for the proposed Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) project at its Town Board meeting on Tuesday, August 6, 2019. Those who are interested in the subject are encouraged to attend. The meeting will be held at 6:00pm at Town Hall (11 South Main Street). ASL interpretation will be provided.


The Towns of Pittsford, Brighton and Irondequoit and the Village of Pittsford are working together to explore obtaining electricity for our respective communities from 100% renewable sources, at a cost below the RG&E electricity rate, through a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program. CCA leverages combined buying power. The four municipalities previously issued a request for proposals for a CCA administrator and subsequently submitted questions to two potential CCA administrators. Responses from these potential administrators regarding the submitted questions are due by Friday, July 12, 2019.


The Town of Pittsford, together with Pittsford Village and the towns of Irondequoit and Brighton has issued a Request for Proposals for a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) administrator. Responses are due by April 5. At that point, the three towns and the village will select a CCA administrator and will task the administrator to seek an electric power supplier that can provide electricity from 100% sustainable sources at a rate less than the RG&E rate. Joining with other municipalities puts Pittsford in a stronger position to be able to provide residents with energy from 100% renewable sources, at a cost lower than the regular RG&E rate.


NEWS RELEASE 12/12/18:

Click link for PDF of news release
Four Monroe County municipalities today announced plans to collaborate to explore the joint procurement of energy on behalf of their respective communities. This paves the way for a 100-percent renewable default energy product for residential and small business utility customers in those municipalities.

The towns of Brighton, Pittsford and Irondequoit, as well as the Village of Pittsford, will execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to allow for the joint selection of a third-party administrator to secure a 100-percent renewable clean energy product. Should the towns and village move forward, residents would remain RG&E customers – the major change being the source of energy supply provided by the utility.

This initiative is made possible through the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Program, authorized by the New York State Public Service Commission. CCA allows participating local governments to procure an energy supply on behalf of its utility customers, often at a lower cost. Under the State program, any resident wishing to opt out of the CCA program may do so at any time and continue to receive the default utility supply.

“As we look to procure a cleaner energy future, local governments have been provided with an opportunity to affect real change on the type of energy we use,” said Irondequoit Town Supervisor Dave Seeley. “The Town of Irondequoit is happy to participate with our neighboring municipalities and I am hopeful our collective effort will ultimately produce a a less expensive product that is 100% clean.”

“The Town of Brighton is committed to making our community more sustainable. Community Choice Aggregation will give all of our residents the opportunity to use 100% renewable energy in their homes and small businesses at an attractive price, “said Brighton Town Supervisor Bill Moehle. “This will dramatically reduce our carbon footprint and enhance sustainability as we work together with neighboring communities to support renewable energy sources.”

“Community Choice Aggregation leverages combined buying power,” said Pittsford Town Supervisor Bill Smith. “Joining with other municipalities puts us in a stronger positon to be able to provide residents with energy from 100% renewable sources, at a cost lower than the regular RG&E rate.”

CCA is a relatively new concept in New York, with a successful demonstration program in Westchester County paving the way for a statewide initiative. Since its launch in 2016, Westchester Power – the first CCA program in New York - has saved ratepayers nearly $10 million, with most municipalities choosing a 100% green supply.

"New York’s clean energy future and the future of CCAs are deeply linked, and this milestone in advancing such an innovative energy model ought to be deeply applauded. The Genesee-Finger Lakes region continues to showcase local and national leadership in rapidly decarbonizing its economy to mitigate the environmental impacts of fossil fuels and become more resilient,” said Matt Hallady, Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council. “The Towns of Brighton, Irondequoit and Pittsford have been champions for NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Community program, encouraging low-carbon behaviors through their leadership. By forging the path on CCA, these leaders are paving the way for future communities to reduce energy costs, expand choice, and invigorate local climate action."

The four municipalities will next solicit request for proposals to CCA administrators certified by the State, and then make a selection based on a determination of which is best able to meet the goals of the program and work best on behalf of the partnering communities. The MOU allows any of the municipalities to part ways if they determine it is not in their best interest to move forward.

This new partnership represents one of the largest collaborative CCA efforts in New York State outside of Westchester County, encompassing potentially over 50,000 utility customers.

For details about the process for proposed Community Choice Aggregation for electric energy use in Pittsford, click the link to see our Community Choice Aggregation Fact Sheet.


On 9/17/18 the Town Board unanimously adopted a local law permitting the Town to enter into a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program. The goal of the Town's program would be to provide residents with a 100% renewable energy product at a lower rate than the current default electricity supplier. Information about next steps in this process will be posted to this page; as always, the Town will continue to engage the public in these discussions as we move forward.


At the next Town Board meeting on Monday, September 17 at 6:00PM at the Pittsford Fire Department Station #2, 465 Mendon Road, there will be a public hearing on adoption of legislation to permit the Town to go forward with a Community Choice Aggregation program. Such a program would be a way of obtaining electric power for all Pittsford residents from sustainable energy sources.

Please note that this Town Board meeting is on a Monday (instead of the usual Tuesday evening meeting) and will be located at Pittsford Fire Department Station #2, 465 Mendon Road.

Click this link to read the text of the proposed Community Choice Aggregation Enabling Legislation. Full details about Community Choice Aggregation can be found below.


The Pittsford Town Board held its second public meeting about Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) on June 21, 2018 at Pittsford Sutherland High School auditorium. Supervisor Smith and the Pittsford Town Board called this second public meeting on the subject of CCA, an option for electric power for Pittsford residents, and invited the Village Board. As a CCA program would affect every household, the Town desired substantial public input before making a decision to proceed. The purpose of this meeting was to inform and receive input from Pittsford residents. Informational presentations were followed by questions for the presenters from elected officials and the public. Below are links to the materials presented at the meeting.

The meeting began with presentations by the Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council and Power Management (energy consultant for the Town of Pittsford). These independent experts reviewed:

  • How CCA would work
  • Its pros and cons
  • How electricity from green sources is delivered to the home
  • What “green” means in a CCA program
  • Anticipated costs in relation to your entire energy bill

A Rochester Gas & Electric representative discussed RG&E green energy options.

CCA allows local governments to source energy on behalf of its residents by designating a default energy provider, with a goal of aggregating buying power to offer residents greener energy options or cost savings or both. Under a CCA program, an electricity broker would negotiate on behalf of Pittsford residents to leverage our collective purchase power to obtain cheaper or greener electricity, or both. The selected provider would become the default electric power supplier. Households not wishing to make a change could opt out at no cost.

Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council
Power Management
Rochester Gas & Electric

Find information and presentations from our first CCA Public Information meeting (4/18/18) below.


On April 18, 2018 the Pittsford Town Board held a public information meeting about Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) - an option for alternative electric power for residents in the Town of Pittsford. Members of the Pittsford Village Board were also invited to attend. The Town Board invited two potential CCA program brokers/administrators to make presentations - Joule Assetts with the Rochester People's Climate Coalition, and Good Energy. The presentations were followed by questions for the presenters from elected officials and the public. Below are links to the materials presented at the meeting by the potential CCA program brokers/administrators.

Pittsford has an opportunity to change the source of electric power for its residents, in a way that offers the promise of providing clean electric power to the residents of the Town. At least one potential provider claims to be able to provide 100% sustainably-sourced electricity at a lower cost than the utility rate. The Town administration has begun a public dialogue on this subject with our information meeting held on April 18. If the Town chooses to move forward with a CCA program, residents who choose not to participate may opt out.

The Town government needs to answer two questions: Is CCA the right choice for Pittsford at this time? If so, who do we choose as a third party administrator of the program? Answering these questions thoroughly will require substantial additional public dialogue and substantial due diligence on the part of Town government. We have made a beginning.

If you were unable to attend the initial public meeting, please see the links below to the presentations made by the potential CCA brokers/administrators. A recording of the meeting will also be available on demand via the TV-12 website and will run on the Town's TV-12 cable channel 1303. We will provide notice in the eNews and provide a link here once the video is available.

Click the link to the viewer and type in the search bar "Pittsford CCA Meeting 4/18/18." You can also click the link, select the "Playlists" tab, choose "Pittsford Events & Meetings" from the list, and select "Pittsford CCA Meeting 4/18/18" from the list.
CCA 4/18/18 Public Info meeting video, including potential administrator presentations and Q&A


Joule Assets with Rochester People's Climate Coalition

Good Energy


Meeting Notice for Public meeting April 18 on alternative electric power for Town residents
Learn about alternative electric power for residents of the TOWN OF PITTSFORD and share your ideas at a public meeting on Wednesday, April 18 at 6:00pm at Pittsford Sutherland High School Auditorium, 55 Sutherland Street.  Town Supervisor Bill Smith and the Pittsford Town Board have called a special meeting on the subject of Community Choice Aggregation (“CCA”) as an option for electric power for Pittsford residents, and have invited the Village Board to attend.

CCA allows local governments to source energy on behalf of its residents by designating a default energy provider, with a goal of aggregating buying power to offer residents greener energy options or cost savings or both.  Please join us to learn more.

WE NEED YOU to be informed and to tell us what you think.  Offering Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) for energy use in Pittsford would affect every household. 

An electricity broker would negotiate on behalf of Pittsford and other participating local communities to leverage our purchase power to obtain cheaper or greener electricity, or both, for residents.  The selected electricity provider would become the default electric power supplier for the participating municipality.  The Town and Village governments would each have to make this determination separately.  Households not wishing to make a change could opt out at no cost.

Because such a program would affect every household, we seek substantial public input before making a decision to proceed. 

The meeting will feature presentations by two potential brokers/administrators for a CCA program, followed by questions for them from elected officials and the public.  The presentations will set forth for the public how CCA would work, and will help inform the judgment of the Town and Village Boards about whether to proceed and, if so, what broker/administrator to choose. 

We hope you will join us for this important public meeting.

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Community Choice Aggregation Postcard